Career path is important both for the company and an employee. Then, what is Career path and what is its importance? Check out the information in this article.

What is a Career Path?

Career path is a sequence of work that leads to a person’s career goals in the short and long term. There are some who follow a linear career path within a field, while there are also those who change their fields periodically to achieve their career or personal goals.

One example of a career path is where someone starts his career as a junior writer, so he has the opportunity to become a senior writer, junior editor, senior editor to become the head of editorial.

Why is Career Path Important?

The main reason why the career path is so important is the clarity of an employee’s career path. With a clear career, employees will know many things about the career they are pursuing and also what they need to reach the highest career ladder.

Not only that, with sufficient information about the career path provided by the company to the employees, they will be more enthusiastic and motivated to do their best in their field.

What are the benefits for companies with this career path?

The advantage of a career path for companies is increased employee loyalty and retention, so that the best employees who work in the company will not leave to get a better career path in other companies.

With a good career path in a company, the company provides opportunities for employees to continue their career paths in the company so that the Human Resources Department does not need to repeatedly carry out the recruitment process for new people who are not necessarily suitable and have as good performance as the old employees.

In addition, by implementing a good career path for its employees, it can reduce the cost of human resource training. Because employees who have the potential to get a high career path, no longer need a lot of training regarding the field they are engaged in and they only need things about their careers from the company so that everything becomes more effective and efficient.

For companies that want to develop the career path of their employees, it would also be better to know what kind of career in the future the employee is expecting, so that the company can also prepare various things to facilitate them in terms of career development.

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